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QUESTION: What are some of your random thoughts and feelings about clothing/fashion?

SAM ANSWERS: For me, clothing is a dialogue of memory. Clothing is profound poetry. A visual conversation of creativity to have with onlookers. Clothing is an outfit of disguise, an expression of personality, of feeling.

Feelings play a part in everything. How do you feel when you put a particular piece of clothing on? Powerful? Pretty? Confident? Enigmatic? What kinds of memories will you collect while wearing that particular piece of clothing? And does that particular piece of clothing now remind you of that particular memory? Clothing gives you a feeling. What you wear is another way to express who you are. To express your feelings. 

How do you choose to interact with the world? I’m personally obsessed with visual interactions. With what our eyes take in, and how it changes us. The effect of the visual. How the heart feels when it sees a particular relationship of color. When it sees specific imagery. Effect is important. And the visual world is a luscious place that feels endless to me. 

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  • Beautiful!!!!!

    Susan Eastman

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