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Two New 'Anti-Gravity' Juniper Tees in the Shop...

A little while ago I had cotton fabric printed with artwork I made titled 'Anti-Gravity'. I love how eye-catching this artwork is and I thought it'd be perfect as the centerpiece for tops. I had a lot of fun creating these two Juniper Tees. I always enjoy the piecing process and figuring out which fabrics are ideal together because I always enjoy utilizing my eye for color and experimenting visually. Even the times it takes awhile to piece it all together with the more intricate pieces I make, it's always an exciting process for me!

Both these tees have super unique color schemes but similar personalities because of their 'Anti-Gravity' centerpieces :)

My Juniper Tee pattern is cool because it's such a relaxed, comfy fit. Plus it fits a ton of different body shapes, which is awesome. I had that in mind when creating the pattern. I wanted to be as inclusive as I could be in my sizing. I sometimes cut the Juniper pattern slightly smaller (specific measurements are always stated in the listing), and these are either Small/Medium or Medium/Large (based upon the bust size). But the Juniper is usually always OS (one-size), with a bust of 52". Even if I do cut it slightly smaller, the intention is never for a snug fit: always going to be comfy with a nice, perfectly flattering flowy drape.

These two 'Anti-Gravity' Juniper Tees are both OS. All their specific measurements are specified in each of their listings (under 'clothing' and 'tops' in the main menu).