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HEALTHY RECIPE: "The Dark Purple Banana Ice Cream Extravaganza"
(Difficulty: Easy!)


Organic coconut water (optional)
Organic hempseed (optional)
Organic acai powder
Organic maqui berry powder
Organic spirulina powder
Frozen bananas
Frozen blueberries

1: Squeeze 1-2 lemons into blender.
2: Then 1/2 cup - 1 cup of coconut water (optional).
3: Add 5 small handfuls of frozen blueberries into blender.
4: Then add 2-3 frozen bananas.
5: Next is the power of the powders! Add 1/2 spoonful of the acai powder. 1/2 spoonful of the maqui berry powder. And 1 spoonful of the spirulina powder.
6: Blend! May have to add a little water, then blend more if it’s too thick.
7: Once properly blended, serve into your favorite bowl. Optional: Sprinkle organic hempseed on top (

*1-2 servings depending on the intensity of your sweet tooth*


 DIY MASK OF THE MOMENT: “Monster From The Green Lagoon”

This edible mask is a brightening, anti-aging mask that leaves your skin smooth, glowing, and refreshed.

*Organic plain yogurt
*Organic camu powder
*Organic licorice powder
*Organic spirulina powder
*Organic cacao powder
*Organic maca powder
*Organic maqui berry powder
*Mixer (I use a chopstick or my finger)
*Optional: mask applicator (this is the one I use:


This mask is chalk full of Vitamin C, lactic acid, zinc, calcium, B-vitamins, niacin, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, iron, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, Vitamin D, and potassium, all of which work together to create a powerhouse of health for you skin.

These ingredients are collagen-boosting nutrients that are not only good to put on your skin, but also good to eat. Yogurt, the base of this mask, is a mild, rejuvenating exfoliant. And, just like every other ingredient in this mask, it is a powerful anti-aging ingredient that fights things like acne, discoloration, and wrinkles, working to protect your beautiful skin from damage and keep it radiant. Hydrating and brightening, this amazing antioxidant mask is anti-inflammatory and super soothing.

1: Wake up & have your coffee!
2: First add the yogurt: approx. 2-3 “wallops” of it. You don’t need a ton! If you end up with extra, you can always put it in a sealable container, and then you have a pre-made mask for the next day, which is quite convenient!
3: Next, add the powders: just a sprinkling of each. A little goes a long way. These powders are potent!
4: Next, add the water: I add a little bit to start, begin mixing up all the ingredients, then add more if necessary. Mix everything up until consistency is smooth and creamy (not too runny or thick).
5: Voila! Your mask is ready for application. Using your mask applicator, or fingers, apply to face (and anywhere else that needs the soothing power of this mask!). Leave on for approx. 10-20min. Rule of thumb for masks: don’t let them dry too much on your skin. This mask doesn’t dry up too intensely like a clay mask would, but still be mindful not to leave it on too long. If parts of it start to dry up and you wish to keep it on longer, you can always dab it or spray it a bit with more water.
6: Wash off with warm water. Air dry.
7: Follow up with my recommended after-care instructions (down below).
8: Voila! Self-pampering accomplished!

Add a pinch of each powder to cup, add water, stir, and drink! The internal is just as important as the external when it comes to your skin health. Feel the power of those powders!

1. Once face is dry from washing, apply your favorite toner (Mine = … a simple, wonderful, perfect toner)
2. Once face is dry after toner application, apply your favorite moisturizer (Mine = an organic carrier oil. For my sensitive skin, my favorites so far are Jojaba, Rosehip Seed, and Sea Buckthorn Seed)
3. Alternative:
It’s perfectly ok to use this mask and not put anything on your skin afterward, and give your skin a break for a day! In my personal experience, I find it’s beneficial to take breaks from skincare routines. Just remember to drink plenty of water and eat healthy!