Where I Donate


I believe all businesses, no matter how big or small, should give back in positive ways. There are so many awesome organizations/charities doing amazing things and fighting for what’s right, and working to create a more peaceful world.

That's why 'Sam Juliana' donates a portion of your purchases to a myriad of important organizations/charities each month. I pick one or two of these places each month to donate to. I eventually end up donating to all the places on this list, and then I just keep going through this list over and over again. Occasionally I'll add a new charity/organization to the list. Thank you for supporting an artist (that's me! hi!) & a one-woman-run small business (that's also me! hi again!), and supporting one of these important charities/organizations! Your'e awesome!

The List:

Giniw Collective 

RISE Coalition 

Honor The Earth

Indigenous Environmental Network

Seed Savers Exchange

New York Restoration Project

Insight Garden Program

Big Green



The Okra Project

Transgender Law Center

Amnesty International


The Sloth Conservation Foundation

Rainforest Trust

Empowered by Light

Feeding America

Studio By the Tracks 

Creative Growth 

ECF Art Centers 

Loveland Foundation 

Planned Parenthood