I have always believed art to be it’s own ineffable language, independent from and unfastened to any outside language. It is a sovereign poetry unable to be imprisoned in the boxes of constraint humans create in order to try and find definitions and resolutions in meaning. Art is a freedom, allergic to attempts of explanation, and serves as my delightfully indefectible saving grace.

I have been painting, drawing, and writing long enough for it to feel intrinsic. Outside the world of poetry, paint, pencils, and markers, my art practice has evolved to involve additional disciplines. Most notably, sewing and embroidery. Experiments in my art world have found extreme fascination in the combination of these art forms.

Abridged, I go by Sam, unabridged (and if you’re not in a rush), Samantha. Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan when the moon was 84% illuminated, and the sea level pressure was 30.8”, with a max wind speed of 21 MPH, I lived in a red barn in New Hampshire, and a yellow house in Maine. And now always with a clear view of the big, yellow sun, California is where I call home. Educationally speaking, I am inclined to find the most benefit in autodidacticism, and thus happily dropped out of college, finding it more helpful to navigate my unique artistic life without the constraints of debt. I started my small business ‘Sam Juliana’ in the summer of 2018, and it exists as my personal art experiment. The non-boring clothing I create for my business is a rallying against the eye-drooping dullness of visual boredom, and the belief that fashion is an art-form, not an afterthought. And because I do everything myself, in opposition to the common practice of outsourcing labor, the clothing I make is part of the slow-fashion movement, a rebellious statement against the harmful, and environmentally unsound practices of the mainstream fast-fashion industry.

More about me: I am a coffee addict. Long road trips and traveling to other countries makes me happy. Also, I like tea.