'Sam Juliana' is a small business, with just me, Sam (Hi!), in charge of everything and doing all the work. My Return & Exchange Policy reflects this. It is a sustainable policy for my business. It is as follows:

No refunds ever for anything I create for purchase. When you're in my booth at a show or market, that sale is final. If you purchase a garment online you may exchange it (this does not pertain to accessories or paintings, though).

You need to contact me immediately to discuss reason for exchange, and then return garment to me within 7 days of receiving the item. It cannot be washed, have any smells on it, or other signs of being worn. The exchanged garment must be in perfect condition, otherwise no exchange can be granted.

All continuing postage costs at this point are paid by you. If the garment is being exchanged for a higher priced garment, you pay whatever the difference is, as well. 

If you're ever unsure of fit, please always contact me! I am very happy to help! I can send photos, further measurements, etc. Reaching out to me is always the easiest and best option if you have any questions before purchasing.