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Hi ~ Yes, occasionally I'll do a custom order, generally only for the clothing.

I'm an artist, first and foremost, and I generally hate hearing the phrase "custom order", since custom orders tend to be non-creative and restrictive endeavors I want no part in.

I will only do a custom order for you...

1) If you love and are familiar with my creative voice.

2) You have a general idea for a theme, but then trust where I take it from there. Let's say that theme is 'cat'. That means it would be my artistic interpretation of said theme, and you would trust fully in what I would come up with.

3) If we can be communicating throughout the entire process. I want to make sure you are fully committed to what I will be creating because their are no returns on custom orders, and I want you to be happy with the finished outcome. 

This will usually mean, I'm drawing a rough sketch/sketches of what I'm thinking for the piece. I like to give you choices, too, and I usually have a lot of ideas. And I like to leave room for any other things you want to be part of the piece. Like, let's say for example, you want there to be yellow in there somewhere. I'm okay with their being another general requirement for the piece.

you'd have to okay that.

I will be communicating with throughout the whole process. With how busy I usually am, and depending on the magnitude of the project

3) If it's


you are into what I naturally make, and have a general idea for a theme. Let's say that theme is 'cat'. That means it would be my interpretation of a cat and you'd have to have full faith in what I come up with.

If you have some kind of specific, non-artistic

What do you have in mind? Reach out to me and let me know: samjulianaclothing@gmail.com.

How it works: Once you reach out to me, we settle on what you’d like me to create for you, we discuss logistics (i.e. cost & timeframe), and I keep you up to date throughout :-)

I do 2 kinds of custom orders:

1. Custom orders based on my patterns: if you like my Elliott Pants, or the Juniper Tee, etc., and like my artistic style and have an idea of something you’d like me to create for you within the context of my patterns, then I’d be happy to work with you!

*The pictures below are examples of custom order, hand-painted Elliott Pants I created:

2. Custom orders based on an existing piece of clothing: if you have a boring piece of clothing and would like me to transform it into a non-boring piece of clothing, then I’d be happy to! (FYI: It can be smaller items, too like accessories. Simply let me know what you have in mind!). Elevating boring pieces of clothing is something that comes naturally to me and something I’ve been doing to my own wardrobe, and others, for almost 2 decades now.

*Black bike shorts I hand-painted:

*Plain sun hat I hand-painted and embroidered:

*Plain headband I made sculptural using pom-poms:

I look forward to working with you and creating something super cool for you :-)