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The patterns I create are accommodating for many body shapes. 

The most common pattern I use is the Juniper pattern. It includes different lengths: a crop tee version, regular tee version, tunic version, and a dress version. 

These Juniper tees, tunics, and dresses are OS, unless otherwise stated. 'One-Size' means it fits a myriad of body shapes, not every single body shape (approx. small-2X). Specific measurements for all garments are specified in each product listing. If a particular garment is smaller than 'OS', or bigger than 2X, I will clearly specify this in the listing.

The U.S.A. made and unisex Limited-Edition Printed Art Tops come in a myriad of specific sizes (XS-3X). You simply pick your size in the drop-down menu. Because it is 'Limited-Edition', that means there are only a limited amount available for each size. The one-of-a-kind ones I collage on or paint on are only available in the one, specific size that is stated in the listing. 

Both my pants patterns are elastic waist-band in order to accommodate various sizes. The Elliott Pants and Masuko Pants (my drop-crotch pants pattern), fit a waist size of approx. 27" - 42", depending on where I cut the elastic. The listing will clearly state the waist size (starting with un-stretched, up to being stretched all the way), and all other necessary specifications for you to get a clear understanding of fit. 

FYI: Measurements for bust in any of the tops, the dresses, or the Isabella tank, are made flat. Double for circumference. 

Measurements for all other items on website, such as accessories and paintings, etc., will be stated in their specific listing. 

If you are ever confused about the sizing in a listing, don't hesitate to contact me. I get back to everyone promptly (either same day or w/in a few days). I'm always happy to help :)

*If you need more information on sizing, refer to my story collection on my Instagram account, @samjulianastudio, titled "Sizing/Fit".