I create patterns that are accommodating for many body shapes. Sizing for all my one-of-a-kind tops, tunics, dresses, jackets, and jumpsuits, are all ‘OS’. ‘One-Size’ does not mean it fits every single body shape, it means it fits many. Approx. small - 2x. All specific measurements will be specified in the product’s listing. The only tops that are not 'OS', are the hand-painted t-shirts: they're sizing is either Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, etc.

Pant and skirt sizing is based on waist measurement. Unless otherwise stated, I use elastic waistbands that accommodate a waist measurement of approx. 27”-37”. Each one-of-a-kind pant or skirt will have it’s specific waist measurement in their specific listing.

None of my sizing is specifically only for ‘Men’ or ‘Women’. My sizing is Unisex.

Sizes for all other items on website, such as accessories and paintings, will be specified in their specific listing.